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Shelter Logic Portable 3 Car Garage

Peak Roof 26' wide - Heavy Duty - Fully Enclosed

Peak roof, 12' high

  • 26'W x 24'L and 12' at peak,--------$3697
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$4297
  • 26'W x 28'L and 12' at peak,--------$4097
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$4797
  • 26'W x 32'L and 12' at peak,--------$4497
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$5297
  • 26'W x 36'L and 12' at peak,--------$4997
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$5697
  • 26'W x 40'L and 12' at peak,--------$5597
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$6297
Size choices


Peak roof, 16' high

  • 26'W x 24'L and 16' at peak,--------$3997
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$4697
  • 26'W x 28'L and 16' at peak,--------$4397
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$5097
  • 26'W x 32'L and 16' at peak,--------$4797
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$5597
  • 26'W x 36'L and 16' at peak,--------$5397
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$5997
  • 26'W x 40'L and 16' at peak,--------$5797
    Super Heavy Duty Cover 14.5 oz.-$6597
Size choices


Commercial grade 18 oz. PVC/vinyl covers available upon request. Additional lengths to 100 feet

Shelter Auger Earth Anchor Kit

  • Securely anchor your shelter to grass or unpacked soil.
  • Genuine authentic anchoring for shelters, canopies and instant garages.
  • Innovative corkscrew design digs in fast and holds on tight.
  • Recommended for garages, sheds and larger canopies.
  • Portable and reusable.
  • Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel construction will not rust, corrode, chip or peel.
  • Quick clamp-on wire tie-downs are installed in minutes to legs and anchors with a rock solid connection.
  • Proper anchoring of your shelter is mandatory.
  • Make sure it is anchored securely to manufacturer specifications.
  • We recommend (1) one Shelter Auger per leg.

Includes: 4 - 30" Auger anchors and 4 tie-downs.

Complete Kit $33.97

Shelter Vent Kit

Shelter Vent Kit Keep your shelter cool and dry with ShelterVentTM, the ultimate ventilation system for your shelter. ShelterVentTM works great with any fabric covered garage, shelter or shed.

  • High-quality, impact-resistant polyurethane vents.
  • Fully screened to allow air in while turning away bugs and debris.
  • Easy installation with 2-sided plastic pop rivets for an airtight seal.
  • Rip-stop fabric is engineered for vent install without further ripping or tearing of fabric.

Includes: 2 Screened vents and attachment hardware.

Complete Kit $49